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Shahin Merat merats at
Sun Jan 23 04:28:35 GMT 2000

>> > I have Samba 2.0.6 on a Redhat 6.1 linux box.
>> > How can I make samba use the /etc/shadow file
>> > for authenticating users?
>> > Reading the archives I assumed there should be
>> > a compile-time option I should set, but I found
>> > no such option.
> Samba uses pam (configure --with-pam), so that you can authenticate
> against /etc/shadow. I think this is the default if you don't use
> encrypted passwords (you don't need to recompile, samba that comes with
> redhat should already be compiled to use pam).
> However if you authenticate against the linux passwd database, then you
> have to turn password encryption off on all win9x and winnt machines.
> I think it's by far better to manually adjust the smbpasswd, then to
> have to edit the registry of all win workstations. The golden rule is:
> don't touch win machines if you don't have to :-)
> -- 
> giulioo at

:-) True, but unfortunately I have to, most of our users can only 
use web brousers and know nothing about computers! I have a secure
physical network and plenty of scripts that manipulate the /etc/passwd
(or shadow) files. So my best choice is to have smb authentication 
done with /etc/shadow. I couldn't find how to make win9x/NT not
encrypt the passwds. I'm rather new to NT and don't know my way
around it very well, I have already begun to hate it! but I have
no choice. How can I config 9x/NT not to encrypt the passwd?


S. Merat

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