Adding a linux box to an NT domain

Lynn, James jlynn at
Fri Jan 14 16:25:25 GMT 2000


we already have an NT network here, but I've recently added a linux box to
our domain (FLORIDA). Basically I want the linux box to be accessible
through network neighborhood like any other workstation but I don't want it
to be the domain controller.

Are there any how-to's specifically on this topic?

If not, what settings do I have to do in the smb.conf file to get it to
I'm guessing
 workgroup = FLORIDA
what about "netbios name"? Does that have to be set? And so I have to get
the NT guy to do something on the NT server to allow the linux box on (I'm
not an NT admin so I'm not too familiar as to how the network really works)?


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