Adding a linux box to an NT domain

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jan 19 18:09:09 GMT 2000

[James Lynn]
> we already have an NT network here, but I've recently added a linux
> box to our domain (FLORIDA). Basically I want the linux box to be
> accessible through network neighborhood like any other workstation
> but I don't want it to be the domain controller.

Not hard.  Default settings in smb.conf should be most of what you

  workgroup = florida
  security = domain
  password server = <your primary domain controller>

This should produce a working setup, assuming you have login accounts
on your Linux box with the same names as your NT accounts.  If you have 
special needs in that regard, investigate the "username map" option.

Also you will need sections for your actual shared drives.  A special
case of this is home directories; if you just want users to have access 
to home directories:

  browseable = no
  writable = yes
  public = no

> what about "netbios name"? Does that have to be set?

No, unless the name of your computer is different from what you want
Windows computers to call it.

> And so I have to get the NT guy to do something on the NT server to
> allow the linux box on

Right.  He needs to run Server Manager on the domain controller and add
your computer to the domain.  (Not a very difficult operation, even for
an MCSE.)


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