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Chris Edwards Chris.Edwards at
Fri Jan 14 16:05:21 GMT 2000

Dear List 
This is probably not the way to go about getting some help with my problem
and if I've screwed up, then I apologise.

Here is  my problem ...

Host is SCO Openserver 5, running Samba 1.9.18p10 to which we've got a
mix of Win NT and Win95 clients,  this system has been running fine for
months, yet over the last few days when a Win95 client trys to use one
of the Samba shares you get a message stating the following:-

               " Start -> Run then \\host"  I get  "An extended error
has occured"

                                            or using

               Win95 Explorer results in "\\host is not accessable the
network is busy"

this only happens from Win95 clients, Win NT works fine every time, any

One other thing that may help is if I use the "net use * \\host\sharename"
from a dos window I get the following message:-

"Error 54: The network is currently busy processing other requests or it is
out of resources. Try again later"... blah blah

One thought I had was is there is some sort of timeout occuring seeing
as NT works fine.

Any views greatly appreciated

	thank you.


chris edwards
chris.edwards at

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