SAMBA and Subnet browsing

Enrico Payne enricop at
Wed Aug 16 13:16:36 GMT 2000

Hi Etus, thanks for the response. I should have noted that the NT servers
are on different domains to the Linux servers, although they are on the same
subnets. Would this make a difference?

If I set the the "Preferred Master" to No on all but my Domain Master
server, then, from what I understand, they will never become controllers for
the other subnets to which they are connected. Surely it would be best for
these machines (that have a direct link to both subnets) to be the preferred
master browsers, while only one machine is the Domain Master?

I am new to this, but this is what I understood from the Samba docs.

Any comments?

Enrico Payne
mailto:enricop at

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