SAMBA and Subnet browsing

Toth Ferenc etus at
Thu Aug 17 09:43:29 GMT 2000

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 15:16:36 +0200, Enrico Payne wrote:

>Hi Etus, thanks for the response. I should have noted that the NT servers
>are on different domains to the Linux servers, although they are on the same
>subnets. Would this make a difference?

As far as I know this is OK. I just tested it quickly and it seems to
make no difference.

>If I set the the "Preferred Master" to No on all but my Domain Master
>server, then, from what I understand, they will never become controllers for
>the other subnets to which they are connected. Surely it would be best for
>these machines (that have a direct link to both subnets) to be the preferred
>master browsers, while only one machine is the Domain Master?

Sorry for this, I was wrong. I was under the impression that you can
only have one master browser per domain, but in fact, you can master
browser per each subnet. By setting Preferred master to yes you give a
slighly higher chance for your server to win the browsing election. So,
the config, you've posted yesterday was OK.

Windows NT multihomed computers (with more then one interface) cannot
correctly act as domain browsers, since the broser list is maintained
on a per transport basis and NT does not combine the browser list from
it's multiple interfaces. The solution is to unbind WINS from all the
adapters except for one. I suggest you try this on your domain master
browser Samba server and bind it only to one interface (see interfaces
and bind interfaces only options). It might help.

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