problems after upgrade to HP 11.X

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Wed Aug 16 13:09:03 GMT 2000

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Dawn Wilson-Oliver wrote:
> We have Samba 1.9X installed on an HP box and all was working fine
> until last week we upgraded to HP11.0..and now our win95 machine can
> no longer access the HP box..getting error messages stating that no
> authorized ..does anyone know of any issues with samba 1.9 and HP
> 11.x ..

	Did anything change on the NT machine around the
	same time (e.g., did you install a patch or an application
	that required patches). That could be the old "encrypted
	passwords" problem again.

	As to 1.9.x and Late H-Ps: I mildly recommend against using
	1.9 on an OS it's not been tested on, and 1.9 predated
	HP/UX 10.   You should update your samba to 2.0.7, try it
	on on a test machine and migrate it to the HP.

	That having been said, the diagnostic procedure at
	was actually written using 1.9.18, then updated for 2.x
	Give it a try, it only takes about 10 minutes.

[PS: you sent HTML mail to a mailing list, which made it **hard**
to read]
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