NT-Client and Username/Password on an Samba-Server

mbinder at vogt-electronic.com mbinder at vogt-electronic.com
Tue Aug 15 13:23:53 GMT 2000

Hello ,

We use Samba Version 2.0.7 on all our Maschines (Linux/UNIXWARE/HP_UX).
Now we change from our NT-File-Server to Samba on Linux.
I transfer all User/Passwords from NT to Samba.
Now the problem:

If a Client (NT) connect a share from samba a window ask for user/password.
But the User and Password is the same on NT/Samba.
Why did samba ask ? If I enter the user/Password it works fine.
For Win98 its the same but I can save passwords there.

please help...

Michael Binder
Vogt electronic Fuba GmbH
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37534 Gittelde
Tel.: +49 5327 880 400
Fax: +49 5327 880 202
E-Mail: MBinder at VOGT-electronic.com

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