AW: Machines not disappearing from browse list

Steffen Moser moser at
Fri Apr 14 04:57:59 GMT 2000


Rudolf Kollien wrote:

> I've exactly the same problem. My config looks similar to yours: 1 samba as
> wins server (wins support=yes" on one segment, 1 samba as "wins server
> client" (wins server = xxx). The "wins server client" never discards
> machines from segment 1. I looked at the browse.dat and the wins.dat on the
> server on segment 1. There are no entries of the shutdowned maschines. Only
> in the files on server 2. I tried it with/without "remote browse sync" and
> "remote announce". No change. May be "wins min/max ttl" will help. 

I haven't tried to set up these parameters, yet. But maybe it'll help to
solve the problem. 

On the other side, these options mainly change WINS behaviour and not
the browsing behaviour itself. I haven't got any problem when the WINS
records of shutdown machines stay in "wins.dat". I think the main
problem is that they aren't removed from "browse.dat" and that seems to
be the reason why they continue to appear in "Network Neighbourhood".

Perhaps -whem using these options- our browsing problem will also

> Maybe we are the only users with this configuration (and problem). 

I browsed through mailing list archives, "dejanews" and "geocrawler" and
I found only on further message describing a similar problem. But there
is also no solution. I can't imagine that we are the only users with
such a configuration - so there must be other users with the same or
with a similar problem.

> But give a good
> answer a user who tries to connect to a machine on the other segment which
> is shown in the network neighborhood and can not be reached.

Excatly this is the reason why the problem annoys me. ;-)

I still hope to get some more comments on this problem...


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