Samba - Cups printing problems

David Hawke dvh at
Thu Apr 13 10:09:36 GMT 2000

We have recently had a tussle with Samba and CUPS serving print services to
a WinNT network. Herewith a summary as there is nothing on it in the

Config: Caldera 2.3, Samba 2.0.6, cups 1.0.5
Samba happily serving disk shares

Added the printers and promptly got 2 things
- cups error log fills with complaints about /printers/homes not being a
valid resource
  Solution: remove the [printers] share and explicitly share each printer
  the Samba log shows that the grumble is in response to the lpq polling for

- no print from the NT boxes, although the file goes to the spool directory
on the server
  Solution: explicitly declare the path to lpr; the default config refers to
/usr/bin/lpq and /usr/bin/lprm, but only to lpr (not /usr/bin/lpr)

Also struck the following - when printing from WinNT an invalid file,
directory or volume name is reported
  Solution: make sure that the user trying to print has a valid userid
(including a shell) on the mail server, or enable guest access to the

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