NT Printer Document Defaults

Matt Kramer kramer at bu.edu
Wed Apr 12 16:24:19 GMT 2000


We have a samba (AIX, samba 2.06) server setup here that receives jobs from 
NT 4 workstations (various service packs, mostly 5 or 6).  We have several 
printers defined, but for now let's just say we have 2 printers 
defined:  HPSimplex and HPDuplex.  For HPSimplex we need to set the 
document defaults page in NT to print only simplex jobs.  Likewise, for the 
HPDuplex , we need the document defaults to be set to print out only in 
duplex. The problem is as follows:

If the NT Default printer is set as HPSimplex (and we have set simplex as 
the method of output in the document defaults and set HPDuplex document 
defaults to print in duplex) and we open up any program to print to 
HPDuplex it prints in simplex.  If we reverse the situation, the same 
happens (i.e. have HPDuplex as the default printer with duplex printing 
set, HPSimplex prints out as duplex).

We have tried monitoring the registry while changing the default document 
settings to see what changes are made with little sucsess.  Although we can 
see what keys are changed, we are not sure what specific key is not working 
properly.  In fact, it appears that NT is functioning properly.  Does this 
indicate that samba is the problem?  Does anyone know how to fix 
this?  Does anyone know what the problem is?

Any response would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply directly to me 
(mattkr at bu.edu) as I am not currently subscribed to the list.

Thank you for your time,

Matt Kramer
Boston University

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