swat and the print command field

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Sun Apr 16 21:36:54 GMT 2000

[Adam Miller]
> The print command we use in smb.conf is "enq -r -c -o"-dc" -P%p %s".

I gave up on the AIX queueing subsystem after a year or so of fighting
it every time I wanted to do something IBM hadn't thought of.  (Could
*not* get it to play well with smbclient, for example.)  Installed
lprng, happy camper. (:

> From what I can tell, swat is hitching on the quote mark.  Is there
> any way to get around this?

Work around it.  You don't need the quote marks anyway.  Try:

  enq -r -c -o -dc -P%p %s


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