NT Printer Document Defaults

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Sun Apr 16 22:08:08 GMT 2000

[Matt Kramer]
> We have a samba (AIX, samba 2.06) server setup here that receives
> jobs from NT 4 workstations (various service packs, mostly 5 or 6).
> We have several printers defined, but for now let's just say we have
> 2 printers defined: HPSimplex and HPDuplex.  For HPSimplex we need to
> set the document defaults page in NT to print only simplex jobs.
> Likewise, for the HPDuplex , we need the document defaults to be set
> to print out only in duplex.

I have been wrong before, but I very very much doubt that Samba has
anything to do with your difficulty.  Samba 2.0.6 does not use the NT
printing protocol but the "old" printing protocol, which is to say, it
doesn't get involved with things like NT printer drivers.  (Jeremy has
indicated that this may change in Samba 2.0.8.)

Have you tried plugging the printers directly into NT boxes?  Did your
problem remain?  If so, I would take it up with Microsoft or HP.


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