How to assignate a password to a share ?

Peter J. Holzer hjp at
Tue Apr 11 15:51:04 GMT 2000

On 2000-04-11 12:37:36 +1000, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> It sounds like you want share-level security on the printer and
> user-level on everything else.  Can't.  The closest you can come is
> something like
>   [printername]
>   valid users = printusr
> Then create a user `printusr' with the right password. Users will have
> to know the username as well as the password.

This doesn't work with Win95. It uses the same user name for all
shares (even on different servers), if you connect to the share from the
GUI. I thought that the old "net use \\server\share%username" trick does
still work in the DOS box, but it doesn't seem to be the case, either.


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