How to assignate a password to a share ?

David Barroso h4371719 at
Tue Apr 11 16:40:05 GMT 2000

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> It sounds like you want share-level security on the printer and
> user-level on everything else.  Can't.  The closest you can come is
> something like
>   [printername]
>   valid users = printusr
> Then create a user `printusr' with the right password.  Users will have 
> to know the username as well as the password.
> Also, telling your users to switch usernames just for the printer share 
> probably won't go over very well with Windows95 users....
> Alternatively, share your printer from a separate Samba server than
> what you share everything else from.  Then you can put that separate
> server in share-level mode.
> Peter

Thanks for answer, but my problem comes from i don't know how the share-level
model works,  having readed all the documentation about samba.

I have one server only for printers, and i'm not interesting in user/password
model of autentification. I'm interested on asignate a password to that
printers.  I have proved security = share and i never can send jobs to
the printer because it answer me for a password that i don't know. The
only solution is  grant acces to everyone. And thats not a valid solution.

My problem is i have hundreds of users and only 40 or 50 with printing perms,
and i want to avoid the task of making a valid users list frequendly changing.

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