How to assignate a password to a share ?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Apr 11 02:32:48 GMT 2000

[David Barroso]
> I'm installing lastest version of Samba and i have one problem.
> How can i asignate a password to a printer ?
> I don't want to validate users by his own password, i want to
> grant acces to the printer to all the people who know the password
> that printer have.

It sounds like you want share-level security on the printer and
user-level on everything else.  Can't.  The closest you can come is
something like

  valid users = printusr

Then create a user `printusr' with the right password.  Users will have 
to know the username as well as the password.

Also, telling your users to switch usernames just for the printer share 
probably won't go over very well with Windows95 users....

Alternatively, share your printer from a separate Samba server than
what you share everything else from.  Then you can put that separate
server in share-level mode.


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