Local Master Browser election problem

Tom Murphy freyason at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 9 01:25:05 GMT 2000


  I'm trying to win a local master browser election, but for whatever
reason, my samba box always loses.


os level = 254
domain master = no
local master = yes
preferred master = no

Log from nmb:[2000/04/03 13:50:07, 0]
register_name_response: server at IP rejected our name
registration of ETS<1d> with error code 6.
[2000/04/03 13:50:07, 0]
become_local_master_fail2: failed to register name ETS<1d> on subnet Failed to become a local master browser.
[2000/04/03 13:50:07, 0]
standard_fail_register: Failed to register/refresh name ETS<1d> on
subnet is a Windows NT 4.0 SP5 Workstation and for some reason
it's rejecting the name registration of the workgroup (ETS)<1d>??

Now there are 2 Windows 2000 boxes on the subnet, but I don't know 
what effect they have.

Can anyone tell me why it's failing?

Thanks so much!


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