sync NT password with smbpasswd (non-domain)

Al & Pete allipete at
Sun Apr 9 03:03:38 GMT 2000

I am searching for a way of automatically updating the samba password file when an NT4 client
changes the password on their PC.     This is in a peer networking situation, no domain controller,
with Samba as a file and print server.

Currently, passwords are synchronised by  running pwdump to a floppy and copying the file
to the pc, which is time consuming and discourages password changing.

Samba 2.0.6  is running on Solaris 7.  We do not wish to go to a domain setup.

There was some lively debate about this subject on the news group (protocols.smb), but no-one
was able to provide a definitive answer. 

Some expert advice on the best way to automate this process would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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