Windows 2000 local master browser won't sync with Samba server domain master browser

Michael.Potts at Michael.Potts at
Thu Apr 6 15:31:54 GMT 2000

I apologize in advance if this has been asked on the list already, but
trying to find an answer to my question on the archives has been like
trying to find a needle in a haystack...

I'm trying to implement cross-subnet workgroup browsing. The domain master
browser for the workgroup is a Samba box (2.0.6) acting also as a WINS
server. All was well during our initial testing phases when Windows 98
machines had the role of the local master browser and synchronization went
perfectly, but since Windows 2000 has arrived and taken the role of the
local master browser on our test subnets, it seems that the Windows 2000
boxes won't synchronize their local browse lists with the domain master

I have one box on a subnet (box A) and it can only see itself in the
workgroup. I can run smbclient from the domain master browser to see the
shares on box A and it shows that it is the only computer in the workgroup.
I have the same situation with another box (box B) in another subnet, but I
have my personal box on that same subnet running samba. When my samba box
becomes the local master browser, the synchronization works and box B shows
up on all the subnets. But when I restart the domain master browser and
clear its cached files and let box B become the local master browser for
the subnet, the synchronization fails. I'm about ready to read up on remote
announce and remote browse sync and see if that helps. (Although the samba
documentation recommends to use remote announce and remote browse sync as a
last resort.)

I just upgraded the domain master browser to 2.0.7-pre3 this morning and I
still have the same problem. I'm at the end of my rope. :-(

Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can give!

P.S. Please reply personally because I don't subscribe to the list. I have
too many subscriptions already. ;-)

Michael Potts
pottsjam at

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