MSAccess file locking problems

Wasson, Tim WassonT at
Thu Apr 6 15:31:39 GMT 2000

I'm running Samba 2.0.5a on Slackware Linux 7.0.

I have a large (>250meg) Access database sitting on a samba share. I ran
this setup on an NT
share with 3 computers hitting the database (all as my username), and had
worked around all the 
Access locking problems inherent in Access Multi-user databases.

Since moving to the Samba share, I am getting alot of errors, mostly
disk/network errors, file already in use errors, can't open file errors.

I checked in the archives, and there is mention of Linux glibc problems
causing locks to not work properly, and some mention that this may be fixed
in 2.0.6

Since Access supposedly has it's own lock files to track locked pages in the
database, can I use the locking=no setting for this share?  

Or should I grab 2.0.6?

Thanks from a new Samba user...

Tim Wasson

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