Upgrade problems

Mark Warbeck mwarbeck at vt.edu
Thu Apr 6 15:46:07 GMT 2000

I have samba 2.0.5a running on Redhat 6.1. I tried to upgrade to 2.0.6
but had problems. I downloaded samba-2_0_6-19991110_i386.rpm from
samba.org. I tried choosing upgrade from the Gnome RPM application. It
generated an error that listed 14 files that conflicted with version
2.0.5a. I renamed them all but still got the error. I moved them and
still got the error. I tried reinstalling 2.0.5a and then uninstalling
it and then installing 2.0.6, but got the same error message. Each time
when I chose to ignore the error, the installation stops and I get a
failed installation message. I also tried doing this from a command line
and had the same results. Suggestions please!


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