One NetBIOS name per physical interface?

pthirose at pthirose at
Thu Sep 30 10:03:27 GMT 1999

Hi all...
In short, given a single machine w/5 interfaces, how do you assign a 
separate NetBIOS name to each interface?  Using Samba-2.0.4 on HPUX 
10.20, and this is the box that has 5 fast-ethernet interfaces on it 
(the interfaces are all on the same network - a.b.c.1/24, a.b.c.2/24, 

In a bit more detail...
Each interface has its own IP address and its own DNS name.  I know 
how to give a single interface multiple NetBIOS names using the 
aliasing option.  I can get to each interface via IP address doing a 
"net use \\\sharename".  However, when using a 
bootable floppy (a Ghost boot-disk, actually), the version of the 
NET.EXE program that is put on the floppy apparently isn't smart 
enough to handle that type of command.  I can only get to my primary 
interface.  We do a lot of Ghost'ing around here, and while we do 
have the time to let it all occur on a single interface on the server 
(it runs at night anyway) it'd be nice if we could make use of 3 or 4 
of the 5 interfaces, and kinda spread the load.

Thanks all...summary reposted once answers come in :)

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