SAMBA digest 2250 - Parameter is incorrect

Andrew Patterson Andrew.Patterson at
Thu Sep 30 10:44:10 GMT 1999

> Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> >NT lets me install the printers via samba, but not print to them.  It
> >always returns a message that "The parameter is incorrect".  Is there
> >any way to find out what parameter it's barfing on, and how to fix it?

I think I started encountering the same problem recently.. I'm sure
I used to be able to print but somewhere along the line something broke it
(the change to 2.0 maybe).. anyhow, somewhere I saw a post about 
a knowledgebase article regarding printing from NT to windows 95
machines with a password. Basically it turns out that NT gets confused if
it needs to prompt for a password when printing which causes the
"parameter is incorrect" message. The KB article says to try the

net use lpt1 \\sambaserver\printer password /persistent:yes

I tried this and then set up a printer to print on lpt1 and everything
works fine now.. not an ideal solution but one that might fix your


Andrew.Patterson at
Monash University, Australia

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