win95 and long filenames

Majid Tajamolian majid at
Thu Sep 30 07:20:22 GMT 1999

Hi Stefan,

> Hi there!
> I've got some trouble with one win95-client.  
> this client didn't use long file names.
> error messge: target didn't use long filenames.
> the target is samba 1.9.18p2 on hp-ux 10.01 and this target accepts long
> filenames from all other clients (including other win95clients).
> i tried to find the error by using debuglevel 5, but everything looks
> fine.
> has somebody an idea whats wrong with this client?

Do you use the following lines in your smb.conf file?

  case sensitive = no
  preserve case = yes
  short preserve case = yes
  mangled names = no
I use them with no problem.

-- Hope this helps,
   M. Tajamolian
   Sep 30

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