NAT + different subnets + NT domain = ???

Evgeny Roubinchtein eroubinc at
Wed Sep 29 00:04:54 GMT 1999

I appologize since this is not strictly samba-related, but I thought
some kind soul might be able to help.

I have a configuration that looks like this:

  NT clients \      .xx        	        .yyy / WINS server
      	      }--NAT---"Ethernet cloud"-----{--misc. clients
  Samba ---- /                               \ PDC

I pointed the NT clients to the left of the NAT box (in the picture) to
the WINS server, I also told Samba to act as a WINS proxy(shouldn't really
be needed, but still) . Now none of the NT clients are able to log in to
the PDC, I get "domain controller not found."  Once I log in to the NT
clients locally, I can see the PDC in the "Network Neighborhood": I can
browse its shares, etc.  I can also use "smbclient" on the Samba box to
talk to the PDC on the other side of the NAT just fine.  I am a bit
stumped for what to do next. Why can the NT clients see the PDC in the
"network neighborhood", but not log in to it?  I tried running tcpdump on
my NAT box, and I can see some UDP packets on netbios-dgm port being sent
out to my NT PDC and BDC (so the WINS resolution appears to work,
otherwise how would it find the IP address of the PDC and the BDC?)  but
the only UDP packets I see coming in from the NT BDC are occasional
packets on netbios-ns port.

Does someone have ideas/suggestions on how I would troubleshoot this
further?  The biggest suspition I have right now is routers might be doing
something funny with the UDP packets.  Is that likely? (After all, I can
talk to the PDC OK from my Samba box, and browse its shares from NT

Evgeny Roubinchtein, eroubinc at
RDLI: Rotate Disk Left Immediate

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