file locking with win apps

Joerg Lenneis lenneis at
Tue Sep 28 09:19:22 GMT 1999

Jan Münther:

>     Hello there,
> I have a serious file locking problem with samba on a RH6 based Linux
> machine.
>> From the exported share a database files are being requested. Problem
> is, only one client can access these - and even only one client can
> initialize the database query engine, which is btrieve 6.15 workstation
> engine.
> The same problem affects .doc files. If one client has an open document,
> the file is locked in such a way the other clients can' even open it to
> read it. The only way I found to let more than one client run the
> application and open documents was to set SHARE MODES to NO, which
> doesn't qquite seem an appropriate solution to the problem, since this
> way the documents can be opened r/w by any client without warning now.

>> From our Netware 4.2 server I know a warning popup message which asks
> the user whether he wants to work on a copy of an already opened file.
> Something like that would really come in handy....
> If anybody has any ideas, they'd be very highly welcomed...

> Bye, Jan

Do you thing you could post a level 3 debug log of what happens when
the .doc files are accessed? I have the exact same problem with
respect to Excel files, also on a Redhat system, so maybe we should
compare notes. By the way, a possible reason for this behaviour was
discussed here recently under the subject "Re: DBase File locking
issues". Briefly, it might be that Samba assumes that glibc 2.1.1
(which is used in Redhat) is fully 64 Bit enabled which is not quite
the case. The end result is that file offsets used for locking are
tranlated incorrectly.



Joerg Lenneis

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