file locking with win apps

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Sep 27 17:41:13 GMT 1999

Jan Münther wrote:
>     Hello there,
> I have a serious file locking problem with samba on a RH6 based Linux
> machine.
> >From the exported share a database files are being requested. Problem
> is, only one client can access these - and even only one client can
> initialize the database query engine, which is btrieve 6.15 workstation
> engine.
> The same problem affects .doc files. If one client has an open document,
> the file is locked in such a way the other clients can' even open it to
> read it. The only way I found to let more than one client run the
> application and open documents was to set SHARE MODES to NO, which
> doesn't qquite seem an appropriate solution to the problem, since this
> way the documents can be opened r/w by any client without warning now.

Samba file locking on Linux glibc2.1 systems isn't quite
right yet. This has been fixed for the (upcoming) 2.0.6
release of Samba. 

File locking on 32 bit and real 64 bit systems is works fine
in Samba right now. This is a glibc2.1 issue we're having to
work around.

Hope this helps,

	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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