print queue problem

wmmvdwee wmmvdwee at
Sat Sep 25 18:04:04 GMT 1999

I'am running Linux as server.My printer is conected to an win98 client.
It works fine, at least when the client and the printer are online.
When I print from my Linux machine and the win98 not connected, 
the printcommand just disapear. "lpq"  gives "no entries". 
Where does the printcommand go then?

My problem is that in case I print from the Linux server and the
win98 client is not connected, or the printer is offline the print
command is not queued for later printing when the win98 client 
and/or the printer is online again. The reason is that my Linux
server act as faxserver, and incoming faxes are automaticly

Is this possible with Linux ans SMB, or do I have to configure a 
remote printer?

Any suggestion(s) are welcome.
In case somebody can help me, and need some more info about printcap 
etc. please let me know.



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