smbsh segfault

Steve Litt slitt at
Mon Sep 27 17:13:29 GMT 1999

At 01:16 AM 09/28/1999 +1000, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
>smbsh is also supposed to allow similar
>functionality to smbmount by opening a shell prompt on that share.  I
>haven't been able to use smbsh, however, because it keeps segfaulting on
>my Linux box. :/
>Matthew Vanecek

The segfault is probably due to the smbsh/glibc-2.1 conflict reported at

Here's what it says:

smbsh doesn't work with glibc-2.1 on Linux systems. That includes RedHat
6.0 and many other recent Linux distributions. It is very hard to fix this
as the glibc maintainers have deliberately removed the necessary hooks for
smbsh to work. They don't like the idea of user space filesystems.

The only thing we can suggest right now is to use smbfs instead.

Steve Litt

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