Slowww access from Win9x to Samba Shares

Robert W. Fowler III rfowler at
Fri Sep 24 18:23:33 GMT 1999

Slow connections
login isnt too bad ...  4 sec. tops
but its at least 10 seconds or more to access Samba shared Printers or
Directories. this is a 10/100 network using Redhat 6.0
with Samba 2.0.5a ...   everything works great Except for access
times. for example Win9x  -->  NT  its relatively Quick.
Is this an Authorization Default that checks every access to Shared
objects ?   security is all but turned off, null passwords etc.
should it be this slow on an Idle Network ?
PS. we are using JDirect print servers as RAW queue's ..... an IP
address's   Rob F.

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