NT machines keep taking over my master browser

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Fri Sep 24 16:06:47 GMT 1999

On 24 Sep 99, Paul Dwerryhouse <paul at xenu.ee.mu.oz.au> had 
questions about SAMBA digest 2246:  

> My config has:
>  os level = 65
>  protocol = NT1
>  domain master = yes
>  preferred master = yes
>  local master = yes
>  wins support = yes
> Is there anyway I can force the machine to absolutely, positively be the
> master browser and never, ever give it up? [I always thought the idea of
> elections amongst computer equipment is pretty ridiculous].

They do come up with some real winners, eh?

> Otherwise, does anyone have any idea what's going on?

AFAIK, your settings should work.  You could try raising the OS 
level even higher, but the sure-fire way is to disable Master 
Browser elections on the client side.  I'm not an NT guy (the 
setting is there somewhere) but on win9x you can disable Browse 
Master participation in Network Properties/File and Printer Sharing 

Sorry, I just looked all over our NT4SP3 Wkstn machine, but I 
couldn't find that setting anywhere (but I know it's there, because 
I made them turn it off when we first set that machine up).  I have 
the exact same settings as you do (above) and all but one of our 
windoze boxes have Browse Master disabled.  My samba server is 
always the browse master, so everything works fine (except when 
windoze has a brain-fart).


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