Directory Attributes and Unix

Hans van der Heide hans.vanderheide at
Fri Sep 24 06:24:41 GMT 1999

Hi Folks,

Can someone clear me up about the following problem. I've been reading the
conferences, and saw the question be asked many times, but did not find a

I can set the normal dos-attributes (archive, readonly, system, hidden) on
files, when I put the parameters "map xxxx" in smb.conf.
However, if I want to change these attributes on a directory, nothing
Even when I manipulate the directory mode on unix by hand it will not be
shown at the client-side.
I suppose it has to do with the behaviour of unix where the execute bit is
used to allow reading the directory contents.
I'd like to know if there is a workaround (eg. use the "sticky bits" of
unix, use a special file to save the directory attributes, ...)
And if so, how I can implement this solution.

I still am using samba 1.19.10 on various "alpha"-systems running tru96 unix

Hans van der Heide
BDL Informatik GmbH

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