encrypted passwords and netatalk

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at zh.unipektin.ch
Fri Sep 24 06:26:24 GMT 1999


yesterday I've changed my password system to encrypted password because
somebody wanted to log in with win98 notebook. And I wanted not to
make the change in registry of the notebook. Therefore I set encrypted
password = Yes,
added and enabled the user with smbpasswd -a -e <account>.
After this change he can log in via dhcp in our network.
But in the next morning I've recognised that some win95 machines could
not log in any longer, but not all!
First solution is that I've set encypted again to No. But when the win98
comes again...?
Some solutions?

By the way: Do somebody know how I can manage netatalk to work not only
with a guest access to the shares.
All macs can only connect to shares as guest.
I want to give the mac machine their own home on our Linux box without
DAVE. I want to solve this job with netatalk. 
We have shadowed passwords.

Bye Ralf

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