read/write of Excel file is denied

Neta Hedberg neta.hedberg at
Mon Sep 20 10:15:34 GMT 1999

I had a similar problem some time ago. 
The solution to our problem was that this one user had mounted our common
directory the wrong way. He had mounted the directory above our common
directory and therefore everything he saved in the common directory got the
permissions of the directory above.

So, in case you haven't done that already, you should check the permissions
of the file in UNIX an check how the user mounts the directory in Explorer.

Hope this will be of any help

Regards Neta Hedberg 

At 19:52 1999-09-20 +1000, you wrote:
>One of my users is having this problem. He saved an MS Excel file on the
>disk and he always experienced cannot write to the file even if it is his 
>file. I am not sure if this is the SAMBA problem or the NT problem(we are 
>using Windows Terminal Server Edition). Sometimes, he experiences these 
>message "cannot open read only file" or "this file is opened by
>open it as read only". All these problem related to MS Excel. I couldn't see 
>any error in the SAMBA log file, but would like to know if anyone of you
>experienced this?
>Please advise.

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