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Alastair Broom abroom at
Mon Sep 20 08:18:21 GMT 1999

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999 scode at wrote:

> I've been seeing some weird problems with transfering large files from a
> Samba (2.0.4a[1]) server to Windows clients. Sometimes (but not always) the
> Windows client will stop copying the file after a few megs and claim that
> the share is no longer available (it is, of course).
> Does anyone have an idea what might be causing the behavior?
See my message to the list on Sat 18th Sept
about "oplock and SCO 5.0.4" which is essentially the same problem.
I found that setting "oplock = False" in the smb.conf made the problem go
away, but thats not exactly ideal.

What OS is your samba running on ?
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