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Sat Sep 18 22:08:09 GMT 1999


I've been seeing some weird problems with transfering large files from a
Samba (2.0.4a[1]) server to Windows clients. Sometimes (but not always) the
Windows client will stop copying the file after a few megs and claim that
the share is no longer available (it is, of course).

This used to happen *a lot* with the default read/write buffer of 8k. The
buffer is now 250 K, which has almost eliminated the problem (aswell as
speed things up). But the problem still seems to exist.

I've searched the archives and I found a message from someone else having
the exact same problem (but on an older version of samba); but I didn't find
a solution.

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing the behavior? Could it be a
configuration problem, or is it definitely a bug in samba (or, perhaps more
likely, a bug in Windows that is triggered by samba)?

[1] It will be upgraded pretty soon, but judging by the changelogs, this
particular problem has not been addressed


/ Peter Schuller

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