Printing from Linux to Win98

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Sep 19 12:01:47 GMT 1999

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, John LeMay wrote:

> 1. I am running Mandrake 6.0. When I start printtool, it complains that
> it does not believe Samba is installed. Why and how do I fix?

Have you installed samba as a package or did you compile your own? RH6.0
printtool checks if the samba .rpm is installed and complains otherwise.
It should work anyway, but ...

> 2. I ignore the message and setup the printer anyway. Print jobs appear
> to spool, but never get there. I've done a couple of quick sniffer
> traces and I see traffic, but I can't pinpoint the problem. I CAN print
> from a term using smbclient however. Any ideas?

... the paths need to be correct everywhere. On RH6.0 the print filter:

assumes smbclient is installed as /usr/bin. If you have smbclient in
/usr/local/bin (or /usr/local/samba/bin), you may have to fix this
somewhere (and I don't know Mandrake so I can't help you here).

If that doesn't help, try looking in your printcap, there should be an
entry for "input filter" (a script run when printing), like:

Now, debug that script ...

(For RH6.0, in /var/spool/lpd/oki/general.cfg add:
export DEBUG_FILTER=yes
this will send some output to /tmp/filter.debug)


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