No luck with "UNIX password sync"

Ethan Vaughn evaughn at
Mon Sep 13 19:28:01 GMT 1999

I was very excited when I ran across the "UNIX password sync" directive
in the smb.conf!!! THAT would be convenient and really add to the making
the server seamless!! Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the unix
and smbpasswords to sync from changing within win95. The posts I've seen
in the mailing list concerning sync have so far gone unanswered :-( 

I'm just looking for any information on this feature, has anyone out
there had it work? And perhaps just to add myself to the list of users
interested in this feature to try and drum up momentum for it.

Love the Samba package. I guess I'll work around this till it gets fully


   Ethan Vaughn
   evaughn at

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