smbfs mounted files created owned by root?

Terry Dwyer - Sysadmn tdwyer at
Thu Sep 16 05:14:29 GMT 1999

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I had this happen to me the other day on 2 of the three unix boxes I run
at home.

The two it was happening on were both running 2.0.5a.  The other one was
an older 1.x.x machine.

The logs on the two affected boxes showed the users with the problem were
both connecting as root. 

I commented out  "admin users = afected_user1 affected_user2" on the two
machines running 2.0.5a and the problem dissapeared.
The machine running 1.x.x didn't have the problem, but it didn't have any
entries for "admin users =" either.

I was going to follow up on this and enquire if it is a bug, then your
posts showed up.

So is it a bug?

BTW, you can have "domain admin users = who_ever" without problems, and
swat still works 8-) 

> Date:   Tue, 14 Sep 1999 21:33:46 +0200
> From:   "Peter J. Holzer" <hjp at>
> To:     Multiple recipients of list SAMBA <samba at>
> Subject: Re: smbfs mounted files created owned by root?
> On 1999-09-15 05:15:51 +1000, Mark E. Drummond wrote:
> > "Peter J. Holzer" wrote:
> > > 
> > > As far as I can tell, this seems to work. I can choose any user on the
> > > client (if I am root on the client) and I can choose those users of the
> > > server, whose password I know (I.e., I can connect as root, but then I
> > > need the root password on the server).
> > 
> > What I am getting is, I connect as 'myself' (using my network account)
> > but any files I create on the mounted share, while they look like they
> > are owned by me on the client, if I go to the server the files are
> > actually created owned by root:
> Yep, I understood that. It's just that I cannot reproduce it. For me
> (smbmount on Redhat 6.0 samba-client-2.0.5a-1.i386.rpm, Server
> samba-2.0.5a on Redhat 6.0 or HP-UX) works as expected.
> > Moreover, I _cannot_ mount/unmount as a normal user unless smbmnt (not
> > smbmount) and smbumount are SUID root:
> Yep. Seems that Redhat mixed up the permissions.
> > signals:~$ smbmount //sol1/drummonm ./tmp -U drummonm
>                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^
> and you are using drummonm's password, I trust?
> I'd check the samba server configuration and log files on the server
> first, to see if there is something suspicious. At log level 3 you
> should get a good idea, who the server thinks you are.
> 	hp

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