Connecting a Samba box to NT shares via smbclient

Longo, Nicholas D nicholas.d.longo at
Wed Sep 8 20:13:59 GMT 1999

Anyone who can help,
	We have set up a Samba server running on solaris 2.5 and everything
going in the direction of NT to Unix works great.  I have experience doing
this part.  We are having problems getting things to work in reverse which
unfortunately is our main reason for installing Samba.  
	We wish eventually to mount two NT machines via samba so they can be
included in the current Unix backup procedures.  
	What has worked:
			*	I've been able to connect to a machine
running NT Server 4.0 SP4 and browse the root of that tree.  I connect to it
by supplying an NT domain account and password.  Once I'm connected I do not
have access to folders I normally would from say another NT machine.  I do
have access to folders set up with permissions for "Everyone".  Implying to
me that once I get connected, the NT server or Samba doesn't really know who
we connected as so doesn't give me permission to things I should have
permission to.  Unfortunately, this isn't the machine we want to include in
our back ups. 
		What doesn't work:
			*	One of the machines(running NT Workstation
4.0 SP3)  we do want to is sharing it's C drive with a share name of
"backup".  Using the same command as I did for the NT server machine I try
to connect to the "backup" share...nothing!!  I can connect to that share
using the same domain account from a NT Workstation but not from the Samba
box.  I ensured the user account can "connect to the machine from the
network", ensured the account was included as a person with "Full Access",
ensured the Samba box was a member of our NT Domain...

We are really drawing blanks on were to go next.  Anyone who may have tried
to set something similar up and would be willing to offer their assistance
is greatly appreciate.  Once we get the connection between the two
platforms, the rest is easy.  We've actually had it working connecting to a
Win95 box but there is less security on shares with Win95.

Nick Longo
Lockheed Martin - Ocean Radar & Sensor Systems
Syracuse, NY
EIS Networking and Desktop Team
Phone: (315)456-1115
Page: (315) 441-2229

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