smbpassword and smb.conf

Giddings, Bret bret at
Fri Sep 3 09:24:16 GMT 1999

I have been trying to use security=domain and hence have to use smbpassword
to create a domain account. Since my default setup has an smb.conf file in a
non-standard place, my primary smb.conf file consists of

	config file=/path/to/smb.conf.%h

This works fine for smbd and nmbd but trying to run smbpassword returns the
following error

./bin/smbpasswd -j DOMAIN
No password server list given in smb.conf - unable to join domain.

Now, it is indeed true the smb.conf doesn't contain a password server list
but the secondary config file does (and testparm shows it). Is this a bug in

If I add a password server line in the primary file then smbpassword can
proceed. However, I fail to see why this should be necessary! If I add a
machine to the domain by adding this line in the primary file and then
remove the line, will the machine be able to negotiate a new password
sometime later?

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