Tuomo Pyhala tuomo at
Fri Sep 3 10:52:38 GMT 1999

We have 3 samba servers running. I've configured 2 of them to verify
passwords through radius (pam, radius-module) from one holding master
copies of passwords (in traditional passwd+shadow database). Servers
happen to all be in different workgroups, if it is related.

What i'm wondering is, why some of the users get asked password 3 times,
once for each server (apparently the password is same for all servers).
Other users don't, i have been told. What might cause such behaviour?
Especially how could i tell the machine that it might use only one
password for all the servers. The one who is having problems is running
Windows 98 on his machine.

PS: I'm currently running one wins-server for several workgroups, is this
likely to cause problems (except name conflicts :).

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