Samba , dhcp, wins on Solaris 2.x

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Thu Sep 2 07:22:20 GMT 1999

Hi All

I have a samba server running on solaris 2.5.1. On the same machine there is  
a  ISC dhcpd server which is configured to supply all the tcp/ip information  
to the NT Clients dynamically (ip, wins, domainname, dns, router etc.).

So my NT Clients get only a name and are configured to get their tcp/ip  
information from the dhcpd server.

Now, everything runs fine browsing, NetBios name -> ip (wins, nbns) from my  

But how is the hostname -> ip resolving on the solaris machine done ?
As all the ip's to my NT clients are supplied dynamically i can't ping by  
name from my solaris server to a NT client.

Can this (wins) be configured in the nsswitch.conf ?

I this possible at all ?

Thanks for any help
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