NT and Linux printer sharing

Allen Van Der Ross allen at ct.spi.co.za
Thu Sep 2 08:06:48 GMT 1999


This is my first shot at getting Samba to work for us.
I have successfully setup SMB (Samba) on my Linux (RedHat6.0) in a network.
I can see the linux machine from the NT4 workstation's Network
Neighbourhood, and provided I give a correct password I can browse the linux
/ (root) tree, as I have configured it in /etc/smb.conf and all is well. But
I have also setup a SMB printer on the Linux machine, and I can see this
printer in NT. I have added the printer in NT to be a remote printer and it
looks fine, but when I print a test page from the NT machine, I get an
error. The error reads: "Error writing to \\EAGLE\lp: Access is denied."

Where eagle is the hostname for my linux machine.

I have tried everything but can't get anything printed on my HP Laserjet 6L.
Even though I can print to this SMB printer fine, using printtool.

If you'd like I can send you the smb.conf & printcap files.

Thanks in advance.


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