sudden loss of password validation

Steve Heineck Steve.Heineck at
Wed Sep 1 23:42:32 GMT 1999

I just set up Samba 2.0.5a on a Sequent DYNIX/ptx system authenticating to
an NT 40 PDC.  My UNIX login ID's are 
different from the NT login ID's so I am needing to maintain a "username
map" file (see smb.conf documentation).

Try using "security = domain" instead of "security = server".  I got this
from the "DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt" file in docs/textdocs directory.

# Security and Authentication Settings
workgroup = nt-domain
security = domain
encrypt passwords = yes
password server = nt-svr1 nt-svr2 nt-svr3
local master = no
domain master = no
dns proxy = no

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A-Dec, IS, UNIX System Admin.
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