3com 3c509

Denis Sbragion sbragion at email.com
Thu Oct 28 12:07:45 GMT 1999


At 06.05 28/10/99 +1000, you wrote:
>I have used 3Com 3c509 nic width bnc coax. I have experienced that these 
>cards used width FreeBSD and Samba is unusable due to speed. I tried to 
>change the 3com card with a NE2000 compatible card, and there was a major 
>change in speed. Has anyone else experienced such problem.

in my experience some times there's some sort of incompatibility among
different cards. So I obtained good results with NE2000 cards in some
occasions, very bad in others, mixed results with 3Com cards and some other
good adapters, with no apparent rule causing different performances.
Sometimes simply changing the cable length a litlle caused 10 times
differente speeds! Always with RG58 cabling. Got really little experience
with RJ45.

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