nmbd reply wrong ip if client from another network !!!

tbsky_lee at notes.unicap.com.tw tbsky_lee at notes.unicap.com.tw
Thu Oct 28 11:48:18 GMT 1999

our samba machine got three NIC =>,,
  and got 2 netbios name in the network. CAMER(for share mode).
CAMLOGON(for user mode).
  it acts as a wins server and logon server. it works fine.
  client from 10.x.x.x will know CAMER & CAMLOGON as,
  client from 192.168.x.x will know CAMER & CAMLOGON as
  but a few days ago, we cut 192.168.x.x to several class C v-lans.
  for example:  now our samba server is, and connect to
others through
                            a client is, and connet to others
                            client's wins server still
  network is ok. will can ping or ftp or telnet as usual. but when client
try to logon samba server,
  it sometimes fails.

       BC4 the client doesn't know that server is, why ????

  try ping CAMER or ping CAMLOGON, i will see or or
  so i think it's the reason why client can not logon. every time client
get a different ip from wins

      BC4 it can not get the correct server ip from wins server through

 when i remove the gateway from 95/98, everything is ok. client will know

 How can i solve this problem ??? thanks for ur reply !!!!

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