finding a compiled version of samba

Hansen, Craig D. hansenc at
Thu Oct 21 15:39:58 GMT 1999

Samba Techs,
    I started compiling 2.0.5a yesterday and someone came by and told me I could
get a version of samba that has already been compiled. The problem is, I don't
know where to find it. Is there any way someone could please send me a copy of
one of the most recent "compiled" versions of samba. If not, could you please
direct me to the location on the internet where I can download the versions that
have already been compiled and I can just load it into my Sun and HP-UX
machines. Our site has 2 SPARCcenter 2000's, a SPARCserver 670, an Enterprise
450 server, a sparc 2, a sparc 10, 2 Ultra 10's, an HP 725/100, an HP 755, an HP
i70, and an HP 9000 K260. I know I would still have to create the  smb.conf
file, but due to the lack of technical support around here these days I just
don't have time to compile 2.0.5a on all of these machines. Your support would
be GREATLY appreciated by all of the UNIX and NT folks here. Thanks! 

Craig Hansen							  	LSSC-St.
Louis	(CENCOR)						UNIX System

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