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>Samba Techs,
>    I started compiling 2.0.5a yesterday and someone came by and told me I
>could get a version of samba that has already been compiled. The problem is,
>I don't know where to find it.
>have already been compiled and I can just load it into my Sun and HP-UX
>machines. Our site has 2 SPARCcenter 2000's, a SPARCserver 670, an Enterprise
>450 server, a sparc 2, a sparc 10, 2 Ultra 10's, an HP 725/100, an HP 755, an 
>HP i70, and an HP 9000 K260. I know I would still have to create the  smb.conf
>file, but due to the lack of technical support around here these days I just
>don't have time to compile 2.0.5a on all of these machines. Your support would
>be GREATLY appreciated by all of the UNIX and NT folks here. Thanks! 

Well, unless your systems are running drastically different version of Solaris 
or HP-UX, you should be able to compile samba once for each platform and then 
install it on all the systems.

What I routinely do is compile for Solaris, then install samba into an NFS 
filesystem so all systems mounting that filesystem can run the server, then 
make sure that each smb.conf file and all the logs etc. are local to each 
machine.  This way they can all share the same binary, etc. but have locally 
configured config files.  You should have no problem doing this for HP-UX 

The only reall snag is if your running a mix of SunOS and Solaris as well as 
old versions of HP-UX (like 9.x and 11.x).

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