ACCESS mdb on Samba

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Mon Oct 18 18:35:52 GMT 1999


This error seems to be related to an Access option.

You should be able to set this behavieour somewhere in your VBA code.
Try to open your database via Access in non-exclusive mode (you may
choose this in your file-open dialog box) on both sides to verify that
it's not samba related.

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999 00:58:59 +1000, samba at wrote:

>hello there.  I posted a message like this last week.  I still got no answer
>though.  Am I alone in this samba community?
>Anyways, I have samba working on my openlinux 2.3.  I had it up and running
>(smbd /nmbd).  I successfully mapped the shared resource from a win95 box.  I
>started my vb program that gets data from an MS Access mdb file.  The program
>did went on adding new records, deleting and appending.  But when I connect
>through my other win95 box, I get this error;
>Cannot lock file, file is exclusively opened.
>So I turned off the first win95box and tried connecting again.  The same error
>occurred.  Tried adding max connection string to smb.conf, but to no avail.
>Why is this so?  Is it the Access database or my Samba?
>help. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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